Concrete & hardscaping services in Lake & Porter County, IN

Patio Concrete Floor — Concrete Contractor in Merrillville, IN
In order to take care of your essential concrete services in Lake & Porter County, IN or any of the surrounding areas, you need a team to execute these services with skill and precision. Many shoddy, so-called pros have won bids by offering low quotes for such projects, only to leave a trail of destruction in their path. This leaves you with additional expenses, and you just end up having to pay a real professional concrete contractor to correct the job anyway. Why pay twice to have experts trying to pick up the pieces left behind by someone else? Not to mention, this ends up causing the entire industry to get a bad rap.

Don't get stuck with inferior workmanship when you can call on Brown & Sons Services, LLC in order to get the superior level of quality results that you want, need and deserve the first time around. Since 1976, we have been earning the impeccable reputation that we have by providing our clients with exceptional concrete services and customer care. That's not being boastful; we take pride in what we do and you should never have to work with someone that lacks this level of commitment to their field. For all your concrete related projects, call the team at Brown and Sons for true quality and professionalism.


As the name would imply, flatwork is concrete work that lies flat; horizontal plane surfaces such as walkways, sidewalks, driveways, floors or steps. This often requires the skilled expertise of soil excavating as well. So, you will be glad to know that we also provide this service too. Since these surfaces often take on daily wear, like foot traffic, you should never accept less than exceptional work.


Foundation work is another important service because it is responsible for supporting the weight of the structure above. Generally, this is a foundation for a home, but can be used for other applications, as well. There are different types of foundations, which is one reason it is so important to work with a professional who has the experience necessary to take on a variety of jobs. From a simple slab foundation to a more complex deep foundation for commercial buildings, you can rely on Brown & Sons Services, LLC to complete the job for you.

Hardscaping (Patio Block, Fire Pits, Retaining Wall Block)

Think about all the non-living aspects of your landscaping and that pretty much sums up your hardscaping options. We like to focus on offering the most commonly requested hardscapes: patio block, fire pits and retaining wall block. These features often serve a functional purpose, as well as need to be aesthetically pleasing since they impact your landscape design, layout and look. If you want to make an impact on improving your property's curb appeal, but also want to stick with an economical solution, let our Crown Point concrete services specialists show you just how amazing concrete hardscaping can be.

Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration is like an extensive repair service, and then even more essential than that. Concrete repairs are often quick mends that leave behind visible scars and patch jobs. Concrete restoration is what you use to make the surface look as good as new, while also addressing any possible repair needs. For this, and all of the concrete services you may need in Indiana, trust Brown & Sons Services, LLC to complete the job for you. You'll be glad you did.