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What To Know About Concrete Sealing & Crack Filling

Concrete Sealing Crown Point Whether you have a home or commercial business with areas of concrete that need sealing, professional concrete contractors can handle the job for you. Concrete sealing in Crown Point can be done anywhere you need waterproof protection to seal out effects of moisture, rain, ice and more.

When your driveway or foundation was first installed, it was properly sealed by the construction crew. Over time, this sealant wears off and should be reapplied. This helps protect the surface from cracks, which later have to be filled or more problems arise. There are also concrete sealants that can be applied for waterproofing basements, walls, and other masonry surfaces.

Concrete Sealing For Foundations

Waterproofing concrete can be imperative in many situations. The vast majority of homes with garage floors, concrete cinder blocks, or concrete retaining walls should be properly sealed against moisture and water damages.

The home's foundation and lower walls can end up with problems if they continue to water swell or lose strength. Water pooling or soaking into the foundation or walls can cause problems like mold and mildew or algae growth as well as structural problems for the entire home or building.

Waterproofing will eliminate the infiltration of water into the home or inside a commercial property, but only if applied correctly. Concrete sealing with professional quality products can waterproof your concrete surfaces no matter where they're located or for what structural purpose. Getting it right the first time is vital, so be sure you call on professionals like Brown & Sons Services, LLC to tackle all your concrete sealing needs!

Penetrating Concrete Sealers

A penetrating concrete sealer is one of the most affordable types and perfect for preventing water damage and other damages.

It also helps the concrete to stay in good condition as it helps the concrete to keep from delaminating. This is when the concrete materials fail to remain bonded and separate, resulting in flaking or crumbling.

A deep penetrating concrete sealer will protect the concrete and help it to last.

  • Waterproofing
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Crumbling or Flaking Resistance
  • Protection for High Traffic Concrete

Film Forming Concrete Sealers

The film-forming concrete sealers are also protective of the materials of your sidewalks, entryway, driveway, or floors. Epoxies & polyurethane sealants are better at resisting chemical damage.

The film-forming concrete sealer is perfect for stained concrete as it brings out the colors and darkens them. And, they can be used for concrete color changes. Both types help the surface to resist scratches.

While penetrating concrete sealers also need a professional for application, they are less difficult to apply than film- forming sealers. It's important in either application that the concrete is thoroughly dry and the product applied correctly or there will be problems.

Which Is Best -High Gloss or Matte Finish Concrete Sealer?

For stained concrete applications, you can choose either high gloss or matte finish according to how much reflectivity and protection you want for the surface. For instance, showrooms usually have a high gloss finish that is highly reflective, protective, and very durable. But high gloss isn't right for every concrete surface or room.

When considering, realize high gloss finishes will wear down and have to be re-waxed more often. And, any small scratches from pet paws will show as it scratches just the wax surface.

Matte Finish Concrete sealant provides a warmer, welcoming feel which high gloss cannot. For a home, the matte finish sealer is likely a better option except possibly for the concrete floor in the garage of some who love the shine and reflection that shows off their luxury vehicles.

Professional Concrete Sealing Products

Professional concrete sealing products are long lasting and quality made so you don't have to worry about effectiveness. Through professional service, you can get the right sealing products applied to your concrete that exceeds any products you could apply yourself. And with a professional application, you can count on correct application techniques every time.

Whether it's for moisture proofing, for high traffic applications, easier cleaning & maintenance, or for protection against cracks and stains, your concrete can be sealed and protected with high-quality professional products and services.

Professional Concrete Sealing Applications

Any type of concrete sealant you may choose will add protection to your floors, walls, walkways, driveways, foundation, or other surfaces of this type. Now that you know about some of the differences, you'll be more ready to discuss these options with your contractor.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Concrete Sealing in Crown Point, IN, please call Brown & Sons Services, LLC at 219-689-0007 or complete our online request form.

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